Misuga Training Division provides the optimum training experience for our officers and crew; nurturing them in the values of:

-diligent professionalism

-exceptional competence

-superior work performance

All joining crew and officers are required to participate in a two day "Education before Embarkation" training. This training aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge regarding various company policies, international shipping regulations, instructions from owners and safety notices. It also includes technical topics related to work onboard such as deck and engine maintenance, risk management, and marine and technical matters. Crew who are boarding a vessel type for the first time also have to undergo training for the specific type of vessel.

"Training for Promotion" is for joining crew and officers who have been selected for promotion onboard to the next higher license. In this training, duties, responsibilities and skills essential for their higher license are comprehensively reviewed. To effectively implement this program, instructors for this one-on-one training are experienced Masters and Engineers. Onboard Training Officers are also encouraged to continue this training and monitor the trainee’s onboard performance before the actual promotion.

Aside from the general training, all crew receive we also have "Enhancement Training" to provide specific training for crew and officers who need to improve in specific areas.