Crew Training

Misuga places great value in building its own competent human resources, and training is an integral part of this. Officers and crew are familiarized and trained with applicable quality assurance procedures, ship specific operations and maintenance, safety rules and regulations of the flag state and other monitoring bodies such as port state control. Training needs are identified on a continuous basis, and courses are designed to meet operational requirements.

Our training staff consists of experienced faculty with extensive seagoing experience. The superintendents are involved in the identification of training needs and are also involved in conducting specific training. Such training is conducted in our own training center, with outside facilities utilized as required.

A complete safety video training library is maintained on board each of our managed vessels and crew are encouraged to watch these videos to enhance their safety awareness. Officers and ratings are encouraged to attend refresher training courses during their leave periods.

Misuga recognizes the selection and training of cadets are fundamental to building a pool of competent and loyal officers. Prequalification examinations are conducted to select the best candidates with maximum potential. Presently there are approximately 500 Misuga cadets at various stages of training onboard and ashore. These cadets will become the backbone of our onboard officers’ corps and shore staff in the years to come.