Ship Management

The very purpose of Misuga is to provide ship owners with the highest standard of services within the framework of international regulations and universally accepted ship management practices. In todays’ shipping climate it is vital for vessels to be operated at optimum efficiency so as to avoid commercial losses from breakdowns or detentions.

As a Ship Management Company with years of experience, Misuga provides personalized attention to individual ship owners and their vessels, resulting in a level of satisfaction rarely seen in the shipping industry. With our Japanese attention to detail, which ensures customer satisfaction, Misuga has developed strong, long term relationships with our clients.

Misuga draws upon its extensive experience, highly motivated shore staff and the close ties it has built with stakeholders, such as class, flag, shipyards, machinery and equipment manufacturers and, most importantly, an available pool of loyal and dedicated shipboard crew, to ensure the highest level of technical excellence in the services we offer.

With offices in Europe and Asia, and talented shore staff with extensive sea going experience, Misuga offers high quality technical services worldwide. This ensures ships’ operations are continuously monitored and gives us the ability to respond to unexpected situations almost immediately.

Misuga offers a full range of ship management services, with the Technical and Marine Superintendents monitoring all aspects of vessels’ operations at sea and in port. Our Superintendents make regular visits to vessels and submit detailed reports to owners to keep them closely advised of the vessels’ condition, commercial operations and budget performance.

Most importantly, Misuga believes in working closely with owners as partners in an open and transparent manner. We believe such close communication with owners is in the best interest of the vessel, giving everyone the maximum benefit.

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