Crew Management


Crew Management

Misuga firmly believes in the adage people move cargo – not ships. A ship is only as safe as the quality of people who operate her. At Misuga we believe vessel management takes place onboard vessels not ashore, with the onshore staff supporting the onboard staff.

The onboard crew is the most important facet of safe and efficient ship operation. Misuga takes great pride in having built up a dedicated pool of loyal and committed officers and ratings over the years. Misuga has grown steadily since its establishment in 1994. This growth is possible only because of our focus on building and nurturing the onboard crew.

Misuga places a strong emphasis on selection of crew with proper qualifications and, more importantly, an outstanding, positive attitude. Crew are specially trained and guided by our experienced onshore staff and in our training centers. From the time of joining the company, the onboard crew is taught to believe in their own ability and take the initiative to continually improve their skills, which leads to enhanced performance onboard.

The importance of growing your own staff cannot be over emphasized. To this end, Misuga has worked to develop our own pool of cadets in collaboration with a well-established marine training institution.