Message from our president

About Us

Message from our president

Misuga Kaiun focuses on “Quality” since its inception.

We are committed to providing well trained competent crew and high-quality ship management services to achieve safety of the vessels, people onboard and ashore and cargo, and environmental protection.

We established manning agencies in the Philippines and assign Japanese staff there. We have our own training center and regularly hold officers’ dialogue and crew family events. We also cooperate with maritime schools in the Philippines to train excellent young seafarers by providing funds, equipment, personnel, and financial aid program.

Our ship management offices are located in Tokyo, Shikokuchuo (Ehime), Hong Kong, Manila (the Philippines), Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and provide ship management services to meet the needs of ship owners and charterers by type of vessels and their trading area.

We, Misuga Kaiun, are dedicated to listen humbly to our clients’ voices, and to try to meet their expectations by providing high-quality ship management services.